The Bulgarian Cookbook  
Author: Ivaylo Piskov
Recipes: 143
Price: $8,99

This Bulgarian Cookbook book will bring to your table some of the best and the tastiest dishes from the traditional Bulgarian kitchen. You will enjoy preparing and tasting every one of the meals!

Bulgarian cuisine is one of its kind. Gourmets all over the world have been attracted for ages by the culinary temptations that Bulgaria offers. The traditional Bulgarian cuisine is a mixture of classic Bulgarian meals with dishes from the Slavonic, Greek, Turkish and other European cuisines.

Cooking traditions in Bulgaria are centuries old. They have been kept alive by passing the unique Bulgarian recipes from grandparents and parents to children and grandchildren.

Ivaylo Piskov, the author of the Bulgarian Cookbook, has captured the best of these, very same unique Bulgarian recipes and has made them available to you on the pages of this book.

While Ivaylo’s name appears on the cover of this book as its author, the real contributors to the content of the Bulgarian Cookbook are the Bulgarian people with their many years of carefully preserved culinary traditions.

"I believe that you will find this book helpful and easy to use. For those of you who are not familiar with the Bulgarian cuisine, I hope that it will serve as a good introduction to the fascinating world of Bulgarian culinary traditions. For those of you who have previously enjoyed the unique creations of the Bulgarian cuisine, I am confident that it will bring you closer to the Bulgarian traditions.

Regardless of whether you have tried Bulgarian food before or not, or whether you are culinary expert or these are your first cooking steps, I know that preparing and tasting the recipes from this book will be an unforgettable experience which will leave a lasting impression.

Bon Appétit!"

Bulgarian cuisine
Author: Dimitar Mantov 
Recipes: 4 500
Price: $62,50

Over the course of 35 years, the author of this book has collected more than 4,500 cooking recipes from all over Bulgaria. They reflect the thousand-year old cultural traditions and relations, as well as an important part of the present-day lifestyle of the people of Bulgaria. Bulgarian Cuisine presents the reader with some of the most popular culinary riches of Bulgarian culture.

The Balkan Cookbook
Author: Vladimir Mirodan
Pages: 208
Price: $23.00  $15.55 

How would one begin to prepare such Balkan delights as chorba, cashcaval, borsh, ghiveci, and papanashi? Vladimir Mirodan, a native Romanian, introduces the reader to a world of cooking primarily unknown to the West. The cuisine of Romania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia is derived from a culture that evolved along the Danube River--at a crossroads where French, Russian, and Eastern influences meet. It is a tantalizingly unique cuisine, as the author demonstrates through 180 authentic recipes based on traditional Balkan ingredients. Actor-director Mirodan is a lifelong gourmet committed to the promotion of his native region's imaginative cooking. He has drawn recipes from family and friends, as well as from a well-established personal collection, and offers such delicacies as: Peppers Filled with Aubergine Caviar; Mushrooms with Fetta Cheese and Herbs; Salads with Bulgarian Yoghurt Dressing; Chorba with Meat Balls; Chicken Terrine in Garlic Aspic; Marinaded Trout; Braised Lamb with Spinach; and Beef Stew with Quinces. To complement the full array of recipes, Mirodan provides a brief history of Balkan cooking. He is dedicated to its preservation, but notes that changes in Balkan society could mean the eventual extinction of this cuisine. His emphasis is understandably on his native Romania, which he describes as "an enclave of Latin indulgence in a sea of Slav earthiness." In this complete entertaining guide, Mirodan also offers full Balkan menus, along with an index of appropriate wines and spirits.
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